Your raw materials supplier

We provide complex supply of various production goods.

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We work for the benefit of the environment

We cooperate with many entities from the ecological industry

We sell certified biomass (RedCert/GMP+)

RME, FAME, UCOME, bio-components, CDRO and UCO

What we do
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Global Trade
Production goods for various industries - best prices

Of the supply with tailor-made logistics solution

We finance industrial endeavors. Let’s talk about possibilities

Purchases of materials to reduce production costs

We are Your Partner in raw materials supply

Continius S.A. deals with wholesale international trade of various raw materials. Starting from commercial transactions with certified biomass, through feed, livestock and meat (we are certified in the field of REDCert and GMP + as well as ARiMIR and PIW decisions), we carry out many different types of orders for sourcing raw materials for the Polish industry. Due to our experience and professional knowledge, we want to support Polish companies suffering from a temporary shortage of semi-finished products in the field of fast Kiwanis (niestety nie wiem o co chodzi), the necessary half-products or production parts from parallel markets.

Let's work together to protect our environment for future generations

We are focused on systematic growth and long-term cooperation. We are interested in aspects related to environmental protection and activities promoting the ecological mode of operation. We will establish cooperation with entities that share our approach to the protection of the Earth and its resources. We want to work towards shaping a pro-ecological culture both in business and in general.

Business House Łódź
ul. Gdańska 47/49
90-729 Łódź

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Phone: +48 42 2888 080
Trade: +48 513 1000 77
Secretary: +48 530 791 997 Worldwide: +1 844 608 5622

Write to us:
Board: jo@continius.pl
Trade: as@continius.pl
Secretary: office@continius.pl ALERT-SOS: alert@continius.pl